Dental Month: August Dental Checks

Do you cringe when your dog comes up to give you a big sloppy kiss?
Do you take a backward step when your cat yawns in your face?

If you answered yes then chances are your beloved pet may have dental disease.

Luckily for you, August is dental month at Elgar Road Veterinary hospital.

This month we are offering free dental checks by our senior nurses and advice on how to combat early dental disease and tips on how to prevent it. There are free showbags with information and samples of diets and teeth cleaning products.

If significant dental disease is noted then a visit with the vet will be recommended to discuss options available.

As part of dental month we will be offering 10% off all comprehensive dental examinations and dental scaling/polishing.

This can mean significant savings for you and your pet.  Not only can we help you preserve your pet’s teeth, comfort and health but we aspire to save you some money too.

Please contact or call us on (03) 9899 9518 to book an appointment for a nurse or veterinary check.

vet dentist box hill

veterinary dentist box hill