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Puppy Preschool Doncaster, 3108

Puppy training Doncaster, 3108

Being a puppy is one of the most important and influential stages in a dog's life.  It is during this period (4-18 weeks) that a young puppy will learn and develop the most.  This is the vital age to start training and socializing your puppy to ensure it achieves its potential and develops into a happy and easy to manage dog.

Our Elgar Road Vet Clinic highly recommends your puppy attending Pre-School.

Currently we are referring all our Doncaster puppies to: Boroondara Dog Training

Please visit their website or call them on 0435855367


email: info@boroondaradogtraining.com.au

They cater for all ages and commence puppy training from 8 weeks of age with pups having had at least their first vaccination

Please contact our clinic if you have any questions about your new puppy and would like to collect a free puppy show bag with some helpful guideline.