Puppy Preschool

Being a puppy is one of the most important stages in a dog's life.  It is during this period (4-18 weeks) that the young puppy will learn and develop the most, so is the vital age to start training and socializing your puppy.

Our clinic runs Puppy Preschool Classes specifically designed to cater for your developing pup aged 8-14 weeks. Courses limited numbers of pups per class so that you and your puppy get individual attention.  Classes are run weekly for four weeks and held in the evenings so that all family members are able to attend.  Some of the topics covered include toilet training, quiet time and settling techniques, socialisation, handling and examination, mouthing/chewing and other basic behaviours.

Mich O'Connor, conducts our Puppy Preschool.  She is a qualified and very experienced Vet Nurse who is Delta trained and also does behavioural work.

Please give the clinic a call if you have any questions about your new puppy and would like to sign up to our four week puppy preschool classes.