Vet Clinic near Deepdene

Looking for friendly and expert veterinary services in Deepdene and surrounding areas? Look no further than Elgar Road Vet! Our small animal clinic & hospital is staffed by a team of committed veterinarians and dynamic veterinary nurses who provide exceptional animal care. 

At Elgar Road Vet, we believe that your furry friends deserve the very best care. That's why our team of professional and caring vets have been providing exceptional veterinary services since the early 1970s. When you bring your pets to us, you can trust that they will be treated like a part of our family. 

Whether it is your pet bird, cat, dog or rabbit we are able to see them all, we aim to make them feel at ease in our clinic with fully equipped examination rooms and diagnostic machines.

Our Service Areas

Veterinarian Deepdene

Elgar Road Veterinary Hospital offers all of these services and more:

  • Consultations
  • Vaccinations
  • Preventative medicines for Heartworm, fleas and intestinal worms
  • Nutritional advice
  • Surgery
  • Hospitalization
  • Desexing
  • Dentistry
  • Radiology
  • Ultrasound
  • Pregnancy Diagnosis
  • Blood Pressure Measurement
  • Pathology including some in-house pathology services
  • Microchipping
  • Cat boarding
  • Pet products
  • Kitten/cat adoptions
  • Behavioural advice
  • Dermatology
  • Geriatric care
  • Weight management
  • Acupuncture
  • Rabbit care

Elgar Road Veterinary Hospital treat a range of conditions including:

High Surgical Safety Standards

Providing optimal care to our patients before, during, and after their surgical procedure is a top priority for us here at Elgar Road Vet Hospital near Deepdene.  

  • We know that every pet is unique and requires an individualised approach to anesthesia. That's why we conduct pre-anaesthetic blood testing to assess the function of your pet's kidneys and liver, and levels of important proteins, blood cells, platelets, and electrolytes. This information is crucial to ensuring a safe and smooth anesthetic and post-operative recovery.  
  • Throughout anesthesia, your pet's blood pressure needs to be stabilised, and IV fluids can assist in this. The effects of anesthesia can cause fluctuations in blood pressure, even in healthy and fit animals. IV fluids help to maintain hydration levels, promoting optimal bodily function and health.  
  • We prioritise safety during surgeries by administering high safety level anaesthetic agents. We take the time to carefully select the appropriate anesthetic for each pet based on their individual needs and medical history to ensure a successful outcome.  
  • We use monitoring equipment during surgery to continuously measure your pet's blood pressure. This allows us to quickly respond to any changes in blood pressure that may occur, helping to ensure a safe and successful surgery.  
  • In addition to monitoring blood pressure, we measure your pet’s oxygen saturation, respiratory rate, and heart rate. This allows us to make necessary adjustments to their anaesthesia and treatment, ensuring a safe and successful surgery.  
  • During your pet's surgery, our team pays attention to every detail, keeping accurate records of all parameters and drugs used. This ensures that your pet is receiving the appropriate level of care, and their recovery is progressing smoothly.  
  • Sterility is crucial during surgery to prevent the risk of infection. We take special care to maintain strict sterility routines throughout your pet's surgery, including using specialised equipment and techniques to minimise the risk of contamination.  
  • We take your pet's comfort seriously and make it our top priority during and after surgery. Our team uses different pain management techniques, including pain medication and local anesthetics, to ensure that your pet is as comfortable as possible throughout their recovery.  
  • We employ additional measures to maintain your pet’s comfort after surgery, such as heating the surgical tables and recovery cages to ensure a comfortable body temperature throughout their recovery. 

At Elgar Road Vet Hospital, we recognise the difficulty of entrusting your pet to someone else's care. Our goal is to provide the best possible care for your pet during their stay in our surgery, giving you peace of mind. 

Please contact or call us (03) 9899 9518 if you are looking for a local vet near Deepdene or would like further information about any of the services we provide.