Vet Clinic near Donvale

Looking for friendly and expert veterinary services in Donvale and surrounding areas? Look no further than Elgar Road Vet! Our small animal clinic & hospital is staffed by a team of committed veterinarians and dynamic veterinary nurses who provide exceptional animal care. 

Operating since the early 1970’s the vets at Elgar Road Vet provide a service that is both professional and caring. We provide care for your furry friends that is the very best available, you can trust that when you bring your pets to our team he or she is in very capable hands. Offering the very best care for your furry friends is something we pride ourselves on; after all they are a part of your family! 

Bring your pet bird, cat, dog, or rabbit to Elgar Road Vet for exceptional veterinary care. Our fully equipped clinic features examination rooms and diagnostic machines to ensure that your pets receive the best possible care. We also strive to create a welcoming and comfortable environment for your furry and feathered friends.

Our Service Areas

Veterinarian Donvale

Elgar Road Veterinary Hospital offers all of these services and more:

  • Consultations
  • Vaccinations
  • Preventative medicines for Heartworm, fleas and intestinal worms
  • Nutritional advice
  • Surgery
  • Hospitalization
  • Desexing
  • Dentistry
  • Radiology
  • Ultrasound
  • Pregnancy Diagnosis
  • Blood Pressure Measurement
  • Pathology including some in-house pathology services
  • Microchipping
  • Cat boarding
  • Pet products
  • Kitten/cat adoptions
  • Behavioural advice
  • Dermatology
  • Geriatric care
  • Weight management
  • Acupuncture
  • Rabbit care

Elgar Road Veterinary Hospital treat a range of conditions including:

High Surgical Safety Standards

At Elgar Road Vet Hospital near Donvale, we pride ourselves on providing optimal care to our patients, before, during and after their surgical procedure.  

  • Pre-anaesthetic blood testing is a critical component of every surgical procedure at Elgar Road Vet. Our veterinary team carefully assesses the function of your pet's kidneys and liver, as well as important proteins, blood cells, and electrolytes levels. These tests are essential for ensuring a safe and successful anesthetic and smooth post-operative recovery.  
  • During anesthesia, administering intravenous (IV) fluids to your pet is crucial as it helps regulate their blood pressure. It's common for blood pressure to fluctuate during surgery, even for healthy pets, due to the anesthetic's effects. The fluids also aid in keeping your pet hydrated and ensuring their body's systems are working optimally.  
  • Our team takes a thorough approach to the selection of a high safety level anesthetic, ensuring that each pet's medical history and individual requirements are considered.  
  • We use monitoring equipment during surgery to continuously measure your pet's blood pressure. This allows us to quickly respond to any changes in blood pressure that may occur, helping to ensure a safe and successful surgery.  
  • In addition to monitoring blood pressure, we also use specialised equipment to measure your pet's oxygen saturation, respiratory rate, and heart rate during surgery. This allows us to closely monitor your pet's vital signs and make any necessary adjustments to their anaesthesia and treatment.  
  • Our veterinary team closely monitors all aspects of your pet's surgery, including maintaining meticulous records of all parameters and drugs administered. This allows us to guarantee that your pet is receiving the necessary care, and their recovery is proceeding as expected.  
  • We understand that sterility is vital during surgery to avoid the possibility of infection. Our veterinary team takes rigorous precautions to maintain strict sterility routines throughout your pet's surgery, including using specialised equipment and techniques to minimise the risk of contamination.  
  • Ensuring that your pet is comfortable and free from pain during and after surgery is crucial to us. Our veterinary team employs various pain management strategies, including pain medication and local anesthetics, to make sure your pet's recovery is as comfortable as possible.  
  • We take extra measures to ensure that your pet is comfortable during their surgery and recovery, including heating the surgical tables and recovery cages to help maintain a comfortable body temperature. 

At Elgar Road Vet Hospital, we acknowledge that it can be difficult to leave your pet with someone else. Our priority is to give your pet the best possible care during their stay in our surgery, allowing you to rest assured that they are in good hands. 

Please contact or call us (03) 9899 9518 if you are looking for a local vet near Donvale or would like further information about any of the services we provide.